January 23, 2023

simon jupp visit stroke club friday 27th jan

Exmouth Stroke Survivors & Family Club are pleased to announce that Simon Jupp, MP for East Devon will visit the club at the Bidmead Community Centre […]
January 12, 2023
When someone close to you has had a stroke, they may need help and support after they return home from the hospital. This guide outlines some […]
January 5, 2023


WHAT IS STROKE The five types of strokes are medical emergencies that stop or interrupt the flow of blood to the brain. These types are: Ischemic […]
December 20, 2022

How a Christmas gift can change a life

I once knew a child who received a telescope as a Christmas gift. It was a unique Christmas gift, unlike the Lego, the train sets, the […]
September 17, 2022

What to Know About a Transient Ischemic Attack or Mini-Stroke

Everyone knows about the classic symptoms of a stroke – and the usual permanent damage that follows one. However, there is such a thing as a […]