If you suspect someone might be having a heart attack or a stroke


CALL 999

It could save a life!

F is for Face:

A classic stroke symptom is a drooping face, usually only affecting one side. The person may be unable to smile or show other facial expressions as usual.

​A is for Arms:

Weakness in one or both arms may indicate a stroke. If the person is drooping an arm or unable to lift it, it may be a stroke.

S is for Speech:

Someone having a stroke may have garbled speech that almost sounds like they’re intoxicated. They may struggle to communicate or to understand your words. You can ask the person to repeat a simple phrase; if they are unable to repeat it clearly, they might be having a stroke.

T is for Time:

Once you’ve noticed drooping face, weak arms, and garbled speech, it’s time to take action quickly.

​“Time is so important with the brain so we want people to know: dial 999” says Dr. Brockington.

“That means it’s an emergency situation [and] they’ll be taken to the closest stroke center for rapid treatment.”

Remaining calm and Calling 999 without hesitation is so important for stroke treatment